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Moolmanshoek Ride

Status: Finished
Start Time: 2017-09-29 05:30:00
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Status: Finished
Start Time: 2017-09-29 08:30:00
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4Peaks 2017

Status: Finished
Start Time: 2017-09-23 06:00:00
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Who we are

Sportraxs was set up in 2014; it came about when we struggled to find a supplier of trackers for our own events, which requires an element of safety, as well as to add spectator value. We eventually concluded that we are going to have to do this ourselves. We work with Thomas Davies from Re:source Design software engineering, developing a bespoke solution for tracking and “spectaorising” sports that are difficult to view on route!

What we do

Live GPS tracking is our core focus, getting this right is as important to us as it is to you The applications are limitless and what can be achieved through the web will drive traffic and hook those fascinated by those watching online.

How we work

We combine various technologies to bring the ultimate race experience.

Live GPS Tracking

Live GPS tracking using a combination of GSM/GPS technologies. Our devices are flexible enough to suit every race need.

Live Leaderboard

We offer live leaderboard capabilites! This ensures you know exactly the position of the athletes at any stage in the race.

VOC Capabilities

A custom support site for your medics and safety officials.

User Experience

Our specially designed platform ensures users have the ultimate experience for both web and mobile platforms.

Social Engagement

Social media engagement across multiple platforms, which includes Facebook, Twitter and Instagram


Tailored platform that ensures your sponsors are getting the exposure.

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