Sportraxs in the Cloud

We have a good understanding of the sport event needs, that’s why we deliver Sportraxs in the cloud. With our cloud based features you are able to create, engage, deploy, assess, analyze and work securely wherever you are, whenever you want. To access your cloud all you need is a basic internet connection.
For Sportraxs in the cloud we guarantee minimal 99% availability.

Once you have chosen to use Sportraxs, you can create your own organization for free. In your dashboard you will find all your Events, Races, Media, Results and Analytics data. You will be able to share your Events and Races with all your participants and supporters ( followers ) straight away. Because the complete solution is web based, you don’t have to invest in IT anymore. With your unique User ID and Password you are able to work with Sportraxs in the cloud.