Sportraxs is a smart digital platform which can be used quite easily by your organization for one or multiple events. With Sportraxs you can handle all your sport event needs, your Event Mini Site for photos and results will be available from the moment you saved your first race, that’s all you need to start promoting and sharing your event.

You can setup the races to any particular need including enabling tracking with or without live leaderboard for example, promoting your event, sharing and send automated notifications etc.
If advanced insights are required for your favorite athletes or participants, for instance a real time comparison during the race, or should you want to see the results in a graphic? We can do that for you. You name it, it’s all a part of Sportraxs.
All your precious data will be stored securely in the cloud!
Keep in mind that you can work in Sportraxs with unlimited number of administrators for free.