Live Tracking

Each participant or team carries a small GPS tracker (60 grams) which transmits there location to our website. Their latest position is displayed on a map which updates automatically. The overall route can be shown on the map too. During the event viewers can select a participants or team name and look at the detailed route they have taken.


The athletes position will be displayed on a leaderboard and this is his current position in the race relative to completion. Event organisers can provide checkpoint locations along the route. The tracker location is then matched to the checkpoints and the time of the participant or team visit is recorded. This real-time automated process provides the online viewer with accurate information as the event progresses.

Social Media Interface

One of the key features that set us apart is the ability to interact in real time with each athlete’s social media platform. Once an athlete has given the race permission to engage on their platform, the times and position of the athlete as they pass the various checkpoints on route will be posted to the various social media channels of the athlete. This also allows the race to engage on their own platforms especially with regards to the leaders and a leaderboard.