Electronic Live Timing

Our timing solutions are real-time, allowing the events’ progress and results to be accessible immediately by supporters / spectators / followers as well as athletes. We designed our site for mobile first to ensure both users of mobile and desktop have a smooth experience interacting with your event. Athletes and followers of the event will be able to view and interact with the route through our advanced preview tools. We understand that branding is key for sponsors’ exposure. That’s why we provide various options to display custom content on the site of your event in the form of images and logos of sponsors. You will also be able to customized the images and logos shared by all users on social media from your event.

Capture time using your own or preferred local timing system

You can choose to capture time at checkpoints using your preferred local timing system that smoothly integrates with us thanks to our free plugin, or do it yourself with your RFID Chip & UHF SCANNERS if you have them, or you could rent some from your local supplier or alternatively, directly from us.

Capture time using our 100% native TapApp

You could also decide to use our included all free TapApp timing system for smaller races.

Sportraxs Geofence for sport events - athlete centric
Capture time using a Geofence if live tracking!

You will maybe opt for capturing time using the GPS tracker enabling a Geofence to your preferred dimensions, this will mean less support people on each single Check Point.

Timing can be done with your local timing gear and software thanks to our plugin, with our ALL FREE Fully featured TAP APP which is a mobile and desktop friendly web app that allows you to record athletes as they pass checkpoints without requiring complicated hardware. It provides an easy and cost-effective way to add timing to your events. ( we highly recommend to not use over 300 pax ).

Don’t let the scale or location of your event make timing difficult. Our wireless connected lightweight handheld readers allows for the timing to take place effortlessly in the hard to reach locations without adding unnecessary costs.

You can use UHF RFID TAGS that are a natively integrated with our system that can effectively and reliably handle mass participation events. Recording athletes’ / participants’ results occurs without the athlete needing to interact with the system. If you need it, we can supply timing mats and other RFID readers that are developed in France, with one of our trusted timing system providers in RFID timing solutions that can handle events larger than 20 000 participants.